Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just one of those days...

Just thought everyone could enjoy a laugh at my expense. I have done 2 pretty stupid / embarassing things today that are just ridiculous enough to share.

Morning Workout Sprint
Lately I have just been running to the gym for my morning workouts. Saving gas, being green, extra cardio, and all that good stuff - it just made more sense. And luckily, it's only about a 5-10 minute run from my front door to the front door of the gym.

To access the gym, you must have one of those key chain scan cards. So, when I go to the gym I just take my entire key chain because it has my scan card and house key. Once I get to the gym I hang my key chain on a key chain rack at the front of the gym (with everyone else's keys) so that I don't have to carry them around the whole time or get a locker for them.

This morning I had just finished my run home and went to unlock the front door. For some reason the house key on my key chain wouldn't turn in the lock. I was still groggy and worn out from the workout, so I was just plain mad that I couldn't get into my house. Well, anger turned to horror when I finally realized that I had the wrong set of keys. So as I turned and SPRINTED back to the gym, all kinds of crazy thoughts were going through my head.

A) big scary man waiting for me at the door, really angry that someone stole his keys
B) someone taking my keys since I took theirs (they were really similar) and me not being able to get in the house to get ready for work
C) cops already there waiting on me as the person had called in their stolen keys

I made it back to the gym quite fast, I must say. And luckily my keys were still there, and I was able to make the switch without anyone noticing. On my walk back home I very nearly vomited b/c I was so overwhelmed with the situation, and had that 'just got finished running the 300 meter hurdles' feeling from the sprint back to the gym.

Surely that's enough excitement for one person in a day. Oh no....not this girl.

Copy Machine Crazies
So I'm already just plain flustered today and can't seem to get calmed down. It couldn't possibly be because of my morning trauma now could it?! Well, I'm rushing around at work, trying to get things in line this morning, and I rush into the copy room to make ONE copy. O-N-E. ONE.

Due to the nature of my work, I am accustomed to using all sorts of different copy machines. Every office has one that is a little different, and then they machines at KPMG are different depending on what floor of the office you are on. I have used a lot of different copy machines. I am not copy machine challenged.

This particular copy machine requires a user code before you are able to use it. So in my fluster I rush in, punch in the code (5,360), and rush out to grab something else. I come back to get my ONE copy, which should have been finished printing at this point, and there is a GIANT stack of papers in the pick-up tray and the copier is still going. I jump to check the screen on the machine, and sure enough, it's on copy number 538 of 5,360. This girl, in her rush, didn't realize that I had entered 5,360 copies instead of entering in my user code.

So I decided to take a little breather and share my stories--try to calm myself and restart the day. I am feeling better, if you are concerned, and feel like the rest of the day is sure to go much better. Hope you are all having a much better day than I am.