Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary

May the next 4 be as good as the last.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye St. Lucia

Our last day, we didn't have to leave the resort until 11:45, so we had time to play on the beach one last time.

I did get knocked over once. Luckily not this time.

Shot of our resort from overhead as we were leaving. Our last glimpse of paradise.

And as soon as we got back to the Hewanorra airport, we were smacked in the face with the reality of how horrible the trip home was going to be. So long paradise, and back to the real world.

St. Lucia - Day 5

On our last full day we decided to try out the Sandals Grande, a different Sandals resort on St. Lucia. If you stay at one you can play at all three resorts on the island. The beach at the Grande was a lot calmer than the beach where we were staying because it is up in a cove. So, we decided since the water was so much smoother we would try our hand at sailing. Or rather, I begged Len to take me on one of the little boats, and he finally caved :).

The Sandals guy gave us about a 10 minute lesson, snapped a shot of us before he got off, and then sent us on our way. Which is terrifying considering how easy it is to flip one of these things.

Way to go boat driver! He was so scared.

Sailing, sailing (isn't there a song that goes like that)

Then we spent the rest of the day laying out on the beach.

Look closely in the middle of this picture to see my little friend. He would come out every once in a while to make sure we were still there.

Then that night we went and had dinner at Kimono's, the japanese restaurant on the resort. It was pretty much a St. Lucian version of Benihana.

Except they set our plates on fire. That has never happened to me at any other hibachi grill!
Then we turned in early, dreading our long trip home the next day.

More Day Four

Some pics from around the resort, and dressed up that night for dinner.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St. Lucia - Day 4

One word: ZIPLINING!!!!!!

All geared up and ready to go! I know, I know, the hairnets are adorable. It was to keep our hair from getting caught in the pulleys, so we gratefully accepted them.

Walking up to one of the platforms.

You can barely see Len, but at least it's a good shot of the scenery.


Len did much better than me with the camera. He even got a couple of videos. First you'll hear a loud 'whirring' noise and then you'll see me come in. It was really scary at first, but once my nerves settled it was a lot of fun!

About half way through the course. There were 11 lines and 19 different platforms I think. Tromping through the rainforest to get from one platform to the next was HARD WORK!

Stop off after ziplining. Supposedly there is a woman lying down and some sort of lion and sea creature you can see in the rocks. It was lost on me.

Look how different this sheep looks!! I've heard of ba-ba black sheep, but black and brown! That's just crazy.

St. Lucia - Day 3

We managed to fill day 3 with meals, kayaking and a photo shoot. I was overwhelmingly busy. And we loved every bit of it!

It's hard to take self portraits on a kayak. I just knew that Len was going to dump us over and we'd be shark bait for sure!

They gave you a 15 minute complimentary photo shoot, so we had to take advantage. Some turned out pretty good...

After our photo shoot we went and ate at La Toc, which was the 'gourmet French' restaurant at the resort.

PS--sorry for all the minutia, I'm adding it so I don't forget...

St. Lucia - Day 2

Since Pam and Jake had to leave early, we got up early to do everything we had to hit before they left.

We played in the waves....

...played in the pool....

...and then they had to go pack and check out before lunch.

Len and I went and had lunch with them and saw them off. Then we took a loooonnnnngggg siesta under a big umbrella at a quiet pool. We spent the rest of the day lounging, and hopping from one pool to the next. Then we got ready and went to an early dinner, and went and visited the piano bar.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

St. Lucia - Day 1

For our 4 year anniversary, Len and I decided to treat ourselves with a little get-away to St. Lucia. It was a well needed break from reality, and we both savored the opportunity to unwind and destress. Since we have tons of pictures (can you believe it??!!), I'll break it down by day.

Day one, approximately 3:45 a.m., Len and I are pumped and ready to get to the airport. We are both looking a bit exhausted and frazzled. Thank goodness we are headed for 5 nights in paradise.

On plane number one from Dallas to Atlanta. This was the only flight where we actually go to sit next to one another. We landed in Atlanta around 9 a.m. and hopped on a plane to St. Lucia.

Finally at the airport in Hewanorra, St. Lucia at around 3.30 p.m. We are on the south side of the island and our hotel is on the exact opposite side in Castries, St. Lucia.

To avoid a 2 hour car ride through winding roads in a cramped bus, we decided for our first excursion, we would take a helicopter ride from Hewanorra to Castries.
Ahhh.....we're about to get ON that thing!!! And with no instruction about how to enter. I just knew my head was going to get it from one of the blades.

Pictures Len took from the helicopter. I didn't have any free hands. I was holding on tight.

Finally reached the hotel at around 4.30. You have to love a place that welcomes you with champage.

It just happened to work out that we ran into Pam and Jake in St. Lucia on the last night of their honeymoon. We were so excited to get to see them while we were there (hopefully they were excited to see us too and we didn't crash their honeymoon :) ). Len and I hit the ground running. We ran to our room, threw on our suits to catch the last couple of hours of sunshine, did the beach, the pool, the beach, got dressed for dinner, went to dinner, went swimming again, got dressed to go out, then went out.......all in one night.

So a very successful and fun first day and night. Thanks Pam and Jake for letting us crash you honeymoon. We were so glad you got to show us the ropes in St. Lucia before you left.
Day 2 coming soon....